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CANADA ONLY  Order Page for Custom Products

Please, remember that all of our products produced from this site are custom, so we will need to be in contact with you via email or phone before you order so we can determine if we can meet your requirements beforehand.

Custom molds are usually shipped within 10 business days, reorders of existing molds are often shipped on the same day, but due to circumstances that may be beyond our control, it may take longer. We try our best to get custom molds done and shipped as fast as possible, but custom products may require special circumstances and we want our customers to be totally satisfied with our products, so leave plenty of time for your molds to make it for your next event! :-)

Set up fee for custom molds for chocolate bars is $96.95 and you get 6 single cavity custom molds with the order. This pricing is for single cavity molds that fall within the dimensions of 4" X 6" X 3/8" thickness and smaller. Larger molds we have to give you a quote on and pricing will depend on the nature of the mold to be done.

Additional single cavity molds are only $5.00 each during time of order but may be more if they are larger than usual or other changes such as thickness of plastic used and so forth.

Shipping for a custom mold order to Canada is a flat rate $35.00 USA shipped via Postal Priority Mail. Please note, for larger molds or larger orders that will not fit inside the small priority mail box, we will need to quote you a shipping price.

The PayPal payment page will show THERMAL FORMED PLASTIC as the business account at PayPal that you are making the order from.

We take Credit Card and eCheck Payments through PayPal now! We take Credit Card and eCheck Payments through PayPal now!

Custom Chocolate Bar Mold
Part # CCBM

Additional Custom Chocolate Bar Molds at time of order of custom mold.
Part # CCBM-A
$5.00 each at time of order - Shipping included in the order of a custom mold above if ordered at the same time as the custom mold order.

(Please do not use the order button below to place orders unless you are in the process of ordering a custom mold using the above custom mold purchase button already.)


The purchase button below is used only for REORDERS of already made custom chocolate molds. Please make sure to use our Contact Us page to let us know what it is you are wanting to reorder before placing the order using the button below. If your custom mold is outside of our normal custom chocolate mold sizing or material thickness, the button below may not be appropriate to place the order, so please make sure to contact us before using it. Some customers also may have several different custom molds that we have made for them, so if that is the case, we also need to know which one to make again.

There is a flat rate $35 S/H fee for any amount of custom molds being reordered using the button below.

$5.00 each


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