Custom Sweets! Your place for making your own custom chocolate and candy favors for all occasions. Weddings, baby announcements, anniversaries, fund raisers, holidays, birthdays, business gifts, cake decorations, and party favors. We make it as easy as it gets to announce your sweetest thoughts! Custom Sweets!  Chocolate and Candy Molds!

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This is the place where questions and answers will be posted. If you have any questions at this time, please email us or use our Contact Us form to write to us.

Q.) Why does it cost $96.95 for only 6 custom molds when I can buy stock candy molds from a craft store for around $5.00 each?

A.) Stock candy molds or craft molds you purchase from a craft store are made by the container load (Semi Truck Trailer Sized Containers) in countries like China and brought over to the USA and distributed to all the craft stores for sale. Our molds for making custom candy molds are done on an individual basis for each customer on very specialized equipment. Normally, it can cost thousands of dollars for a custom mold to be made to manufacture plastic molds that can be used for making chocolate or confectionery molding. There are companies out there that supply custom candy bars and other molded candies, but the cost to have them made can only be absorbed by very large corporations or wealthy people needing such services. Our charge to manufacture a very small amount of molds for use by a single customer or group to raise funds with is an incredible deal. We only hope we can keep that price down to that level so our customers can continue to afford them.

Q.) Is it difficult to make our own chocolate or confectionery bars with the custom molds you make for us?

A.) No! It is in fact so simple that just about anyone can do it, even children under adult supervision. Simply melting confectionery chips as found in most craft stores or grocery stores in a microwave or double boiler is all you need to do for casting in the molds. A piece of wax paper under the molds helps catch the mess, and any that is cooled on the wax paper or left from scraping the molds level can be heated again and used to make more castings. There is virtually no waste at all, and even broken bars can be re melted for casting new ones.

Cooling the bars in the refrigerator makes the job go faster, and the confectionery will generally fall out of the molds when turned over once cooled.


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